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    Clan Rules Empty Clan Rules

    Post  p a c m a n on 2009-06-28, 4:13 pm

    Follow these clan rules and you will not be kicked

    1. No bsing Tue clan members or you will be kicked

    2. No multi clanning , pking with friends is ok

    3. Skipping to many wars or pk trips may result in a kick

    4. Do not disrespect other clan members and especially leaders , founders and ranked members

    5. Dont not mess around when your told to fall in that means fall in failing to listen may result in a kick

    6. When you apply add all of the leaders

    7. When pking with the clan and you get a kill make sure all enemys are dead before looting

    8. Your clan comes before friends
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    Clan Rules Empty Re: Clan Rules

    Post  B E E Z Y on 2009-06-28, 4:30 pm

    i dont like rule #8

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